Concepts Personal Development

Concepts, Projects & Philosophy Personal development work based on the following ideologies: Understanding is key. Innovative through curiosity. Efficiency with organisation. Research then detail meticulously. Communicate collaboratively. Motivate with passion. Experience is richness. Health is wealth.


Branding Design Projects Corporate Identity & Advertising
Graphic Designer
Plan It

Fun-keys is an innovative company which teaches children to learn and play music. It now teaches within schools nationally and also has an online presence. With owner Sunita Arora (Ex Radio 1 presenter) we developed the Branding and course content from start-up.

Graphic Designer
Plan It

K Koke, a UK rap artist who was previously signed by Jay-Z and has collaborated with other artists such as Rita Ora. In 2013 K Koke was nominated for best UK Hip Hop artists by MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards. I produced the promo poster to the right, which won a competition and used by K Koke for his marketing for the nomination.

3D Prototyping

Pushing the limits

3D Prototyping Future Technologies Exploration Student 2010 De Montfort University The future technology exploration module involved a combination and imagination with understanding of the potential capabilities of the technology we have available. In this module, 3D printing was tested to its limits using Rhino program to create and experiment with forms which was then converted to a format which could then be run through the 3D printer. Thereafter exploring possibilities where it could be incorporated to Architecture.