"A UX Designer, Architect &
a Peoples Person! Understanding is Key"

I am a UX and Senior Architectural Designer with the added insight into child mentoring. With a degree in Architecture and now over 15 years experience in design I have gained skill which have allowed me to work proficiently in concept, development and implementation stages.

I have developed my specialism in technical design which has stemmed from the desire to understand and to think logically to find solutions which satisfies problems truthfully.

As a team member, I stay calm and have the ability to find synergy with who I work with.UX design has provided me with the opportunity to combine my passion in technology with people, I aim to help and understand.

Software: Figma | Slack | Zoom | Photoshop | Trello | Notion | Adobe Suite | Autodesk programs

UX Skills: User Interviews | Contextual Inquiry | Usability Testing | User flows | Persona & Scenarios | Information Architecture | User Experience Map | Prototyping | Competitive Research | Wireframe | Affinity Map | Empathy Map | Evaluation | Card Sort | Feature Prioritisation | Agile | Double Diamond Process

UI Skills: UI Design | Mood boarding | Style Guide | Branding | Accessibility Design | Responsive Design.

Soft skills: Calm | Creative | Logical | Great at Forming rapports | Growth Mindset | Problem Solving | Presentation Critical thinking | Storytelling

Business: Senior Architectural Designer | Project Management

UX Design

The decision to change my career to UX design was the combination of both tech and helping others seeking understanding of how we feel, how we experience and what we desire. The truth.